Why Asian Secure Hua Hin is the best place to store your valuables

Comparison: Asian Secure vs. Major Banks

FeaturesAsian SecureBank Vaults
Main Vault LockDynamic passcode generated and only accessible during working hoursOrdinary key and dial combination mechanism
Service Hours9:30am-6:00pm
Open Mon-Sat
Generally open Mon-Fri 8:30am-3:30pm
Customer EligibilityOpen to everyone; no restrictionsRequire large deposit and/or purchase life insurance;
Only for Thai residents
Safe deposit box AvailabilityAll sizes available immediatelyLimited availability;
Long waitlists at major branches
Registration ProcessOnly valid passport or Thai ID is requiredLong list of documents required
Contract TermShort term (0-90 days) and Long term (1-3 years) availableOne year minimum term
Entry ProcedureAdvanced biometric technology (access by finger scan)Manual signing in ledger
Average turnaround time while using service< 5 minutes (no queues)30-45 minutes (must pick a queue number first)
Range of Services OfferedOnly focused on providing one single service – safety deposit box rentalBank accounts, loans, credit cards, & many others
It did not seem fair to us that you had to tie up your money in a low-yielding deposit or purchase an inferior life insurance product to qualify for renting a safe deposit box – or even worse, to get on a waitlist to rent a box. It did not seem reasonable to ask for even more paperwork to open an account than the paperwork you want to put inside the box in the first place. It did not make sense for someone to waste half a day to make a trip to the vault to simply access their own personal belongings.

Our mission

  1. Security: To ensure we are the safest place for people to keep their valuables.
  2. Trust: To protect our customers’ anonymity and respect their privacy.
  3. Convenience: To provide a hassle-free experience in an easily accessible location.

Secure 24/7

Our location are in premium Grade A buildings with round-the-clock security. Our entire network of surveillance systems consisting of various sensors (smoke, motion, and vibration) and CCTV cameras are continuously monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at control room. At the first sign of any disturbance, our security team is ready to be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Fortress of Strength

Our vaults are constructed with reinforced steel and fire resistant concrete, making them virtually impenetrable. Inside the strong room, your individual lockers are equipped with dual lock mechanisms that are UL-certified.

Quick Access

Registration is a seamless process with only a valid passport or Thai ID required and immediate availability in all locker sizes. With no conditions for eligibility, we are open to all customers, whether tourists or local residents, for either short or long-term contracts. Our branch is open Monday-Saturday, with long hours. With no queues, you can be in and out within minutes.

Peace of Mind

When you rent a safe deposit box with us, you can be rest assured that we value your privacy above all. We will not share your personal information or allow any unauthorized access to your locker.